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Crescendo Switzerland is a movement of Christian artists in classical music, jazz and other art fields. We are part of the global network of Crescendo International.


We network, inspire and strengthen artists through a wide variety of projects such as meetings, conferences, forums, concerts, and workshops.


We encourage professional musicians, artists, and students to allow themselves to be guided by God in their life and work.


How we live out this vision always looks a little different from place to place. There are artist network meetings, musicians prayer meetings, play & pray, and of course various musical and artistic projects.


Crescendo Switzerland is organized in hubs in major cities such as Basel, Bern, Lausanne, Lucern, Geneva and Neuchâtel, and with new cities beginning programs regularly. To become part of the Crescendo movement, please sign up with the Christian Musician’s Link! We will be happy to connect you with other Crescendo musicians in your area.

Our Vision

Crescendo Switzerland presents and integrates the Gospel within the world of Arts and Culture in authentic and relevant ways.

Crescendo Switzerland brings a vibrant Christian movement to musicians and artists to help them become part of a praying, seeking, and sharing fellowship.

Crescendo Switzerland collaborates with churches and other Christian organizations in and through the Arts.


Crescendo Switzerland is part of Crescendo International, a Christian movement made up of professional musicians and music students as well as other artists. We work alongside cultural institutions and Christian churches of all denominations.

Founded in 1985, Crescendo has since grown into an organization operating on a world-wide scale. The international office is located in Basel, Switzerland. Crescendo is part of the Swiss interdenominational movement (and association) Campus für Christus / Agape Europe / Cru.

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